What is Global Warming?

Global warming is a very old problem that has started way far back, getting really bad in the 1970s. A traditional explanation of global warming goes like this:

The sun sends rays of heat towards the earth, and most of them bounce off and head back to space to be someone else’s problem. But with global warming, the atmosphere thickens, causing those heat waves to be trapped inside the atmosphere, heating the earth up. And the more rays that get stuck in the atmosphere, the worst the problem gets, because it speeds up the process.

What does Global Warming cause?

Simple answer: Warm weather. Warm ocean temperatures. Unfortunately, as the water gets warmer, the chances of a hurricane increase. Hurricanes only stir up in warm water, so you should be cautious if you live near warm water (other than the nearest hot tub or your bathtub).

But it also causes problems away from water. Heat waves can travel across any land mass and cause major droughts and warm weather (meaning over 100 degrees while you’re having a nice vacation!).

What can we do about Global Warming?

  1. Educate people. If more people know about Global Warming, then they will be inspired to take action with one of the things below.
  2. Contact the people higher than you. This could be your mayor, your governor, even the president! The higher up you get, the more risky it becomes, but you can make a higher impact with those people. Then mention to these people global warming and see how they respond. It’ll bring a lot of attention to the problem.
  3. Host a fundraiser and donate the money to environmental organizations. Those people already know alot about Global Warming and what to do about it, so it’s best that you help support them.
  4. Get ideas from other people. Don’t just listen to me! But don’t listen to anti-environmentalists either.
  5. Eat a cookie. Oops, typo. Really not a bad idea, actually, especially if they’re made by my mom.